Climate in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa is mild. In winter months May to September nights can be cold, down to zero degrees Celsius sometimes, but generally more like 45ᵒF/6ᵒC and days can warm up to 77ᵒF/25ᵒC, but generally more like 64ᵒF/18ᵒC. There is little rain in winter months, but when it does rain, cold winds add a chill factor. We suggest you pack a warm hunting jacket and long pants.

Summer months are much hotter, with temperatures up to 86ᵒF/30ᵒC. We hunt in short pants in summer and even in winter during warmer times, so bring them and if you prefer longs pants make sure they’re of a light material.

You’re likely to encounter rain September onwards, so waterproofs are advisable.

Good, strong hunting or hiking boots are essential as terrain is mostly rough and rocky. Camouflage clothing is always best. Bright clothing is unnecessary and inadvisable with “walk-and-stalk” hunting and no other hunters will be in your immediate hunting area, so you don’t need to be visible.