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March 8, 2019
On the morning of day 4 we planned on Denise getting a blesbuck so we went to an area where they often are, rolling grasslands with sparse Acacia Karroo thorn trees. We slowly walked up shallow valley with the protection of being seen by pockets of Acacias. On numerous occasions we had to duck and dive away from warthogs that all that their snouts in the ground foraging away. We were in perfect position with a herd of blesbuck feeding their way towards us when Two Boy spotted a Kudu bull off to our right through the thorn trees. As the kudu bull turned and looked our way we both noticed it was missing half of its left horn. Brian looked at me wide eyed and I knew that the blesbuck hunt would have to wait for another day. Brian has always had a fetish for old animals with broken horns, and this was no different. We managed to find a shooting lane through all the acacias, and just as Brian got into position the Kudu decided to lie down. After much discussion we started to creep our way closer to the kudu to get a better shot. After about 10 minutes of tedious bum crawling a herd of zebra decided to join the party. With a herd of Zebra now between us and the kudu, all we could do is wait. By this time it was mid-morning and the wind started to shift. The zebra were barely 60 yards from us when they caught a whiff and went stampeding off. With all that commotion the dozing kudu jumped to his feet and stepped out from the shade he was lying in trying to figure out which way to run. Brian didn’t have much time and certainly didn’t waste any. The bull only managed to run short distance before crashing over. A grand old boy with one broken horn and the other stretched the tape to 53”. He was old with very few teeth and his condition started to show that. The perfect animal to take.

That afternoon we went back in search of blesbuck, it didn’t take us long to find a good looking ram.  With the help of some good cover, we made a relatively easy stalk within 100 yards and Denise gave her blesbuck a one way ticket to Texas.  We had some time to spare and cold beers in the vehicle, so drove to a nearby lookout and quenched our thirst while watching another dramatic African sunset!

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