Rance Safaris lodges are old Settler farm-houses which have been restored and modernized into hunting lodges. They are comfortable, fully serviced and unpretentious.

Food is South African and wholesome – full breakfasts with choices like eggs, bacon, cereals and dinners of roasted or barbecued meat, vegetables, salads.  Fruit and snacks are always available.  We believe in giving our clients a taste of the typical South African hunting culture, but if clients have special needs, these should be advised in advance and we will try to accommodate them.

South African beers, wines, liquor and soft-drinks are part of the service.  Some of the specialty liquor from other countries is not traditionally available in South Africa, so you are advised to bring your own, or check with us to see if this can be obtained locally.

A typical hunting day starts at daybreak, quickly taken coffee or tea, rusks or toast and heading out to the hunting area with snacks and cold-drinks.  Breakfast/lunch (brunch we call it) is taken around 11:00 am to mid-day and if the day is hot, a short siesta thereafter.  Hunting ends at sundown and drinks and supper are served around the open fireplace in the lapa or in the lodge, which is an experience in itself under the African sky with stars brighter and wilder than anyplace else on earth.