The Eastern Cape region is arguably the mecca of fishing and hunting in South Africa.  We have some of the finest trout and yellowfish flyfishing, bass-fishing and sea fishing in the country within a day’s drive of the hunting areas, some of yet undiscovered or only partially exploited.

Deep-sea, estuary and rock-and-surf sea fishing takes place along the famous South African Wild Coast located on the eastern seaboard.  Our company operates three vessels out of a hamlet called Kei Mouth, launching through the surf in the Kei River mouth – visit the launch-site on GoogeEarth at 32ᵒ : 40.856’S;   028ᵒ : 23.302’E.   Adjacent to the fishing area is the Kei/Nyara Marine Protected Area which enhances local fishing considerably.

There are no harbours along the Wild Coast, so launching is through the surf out of estuaries or off beaches.   Vessels capable of this are limited in size and known locally in South Africa as “skiboats”.  The vessels you will fish from are a 22’6” catamaran powered by twin 140hp Suzuki 4-stroke outboards or a 30′ catamaran with 200hp Suzuki outboards.  They are equipped with all the gear and gadgets you’d expect to find on a vessel operated by fishing mad people.

The deep-sea fishing area is an easy two hour drive from the Kei River reserve so if the weather is right and your hunting trophy list up-to-speed, it’s a simple matter to take off for a day or two’s deep-sea fishing.  You will stay in our family seaside cottage at a hamlet called Morgan Bay which can be seen on  GoogleEarth 32ᵒ : 42.463’S;  028ᵒ : 20.547’S, or in a local Bed and Breakfast hotel, or return to the hunting lodge before and after fishing.

The lodges are located within the hunting area, so you do not have to travel for hunting, excepting for those species indicated on the price list. The normal hunting method is to glass the area from high vantage point in search of game animals. Once spotted, the stalk begins. Shooting from or near a vehicle is not allowed so that animals do not associate vehicles with hunting.

Shooting distances vary from close (50m) to long shots out to 400m for those who are proficient at those ranges. Vegetation varies from very bushy to open and terrain from deep valleys, to flats to mountains. A study of the photographs will give an idea of what to expect.